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EX-5120 Infrared Hydrocarbon Sensor

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Remote Gas Monitoring Sensor Transmitter with Infrared Sensor for Hydrocarbons

EX-5120 remote gas monitoring sensor transmitter incorporates a sensor that operates on the NDIR principle to monitor the concentration of hydrocarbon gas. It can be calibrated for a specific gas, such as methane, but also responds to some other hydrocarbon gases, including propane, butane, etc. The sensor features an integral semiconductor for temperature compensation, a durable tungsten filament IR light source, filter and a dual temperature-compensated pyroelectric infrared detector. This sensor transmitter can operate in anaerobic atmospheres and in continuous hydrocarbon environments. This unit provides long-term stability and requires minimal maintenance.

The EX-5120 sensor transmitter operates on 24 VDC power and features three LED alarm point indicators, 4-20 mA output and optional alarm relay board. This sensor transmitter can be connected to various single and multi-channel ENMET controllers or computer-based instrumentation, such as PLCs, SCADAs, BMSs, etc.

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The EX-5120 incorporates a sensor that operates onthe NDIR principle to monitor the concentration ofhydrocarbon gas.

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