Remote Gas Monitoring – Sensor Transmitters

ENMET offers a variety of remote gas monitoring for a wide range of applications.  These gas sensing transmitters provide a output signal which can be connected to remote gas monitoring controllers. In addition, our rugged EX-Series sensor transmitters are designed for harsh environments.  These monitors come with a NEMA 4X, NEMA 7 and IP66 rated explosion proof enclosure.  Furthermore our sensor transmitters can detect a wide range of hazardous gases utilizing a full spectrum of sensor technologies including electrochemical, IR, PID, GC, MOS and others.

Product Gas Sensor/Transmitters Hazardous Gas Monitoring Wastewater Treatment / Wet Well Industrial Environmental Wastewater Treatment / Utilities
CD-1300-ST X X X
EX-5100 X X X X X
EX-5120 X X X X X
EX-5130 X X X
EX-5150-MOS X X X
EX-5155 X X X
EX-5165 X X X
EX-5175 X X X X X
EX-5185 X X X X
EX-6100 X X X X X
EX-6120 X X X X X
EX-6165 X X X
EX-6175 X X X X X
IR-6000 X X X
SE-5175 X X X
VGD Series X X X