Fixed Gas Detection Systems – Stationary Monitors

ENMET’s Fixed Gas Detection Systems and stationary monitors provide continuous real-time monitoring. This will monitor a variety of hazardous toxic and combustible gases and vapors, as well as oxygen and dew point conditions. Single and multi-channel instruments with gas sampling capabilities are available for a variety of applications. Our fixed monitoring systems utilize an array of sensor technologies.  In addition, allowing us to custom design a system that will provide the best solution for our customer’s gas detection requirements. Furthermore, these Applications include, municipal, research, medical, military, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and other industrial processes.

Product Fixed Systems/ Stationary Monitors Gas Sensor/Transmitters Hazardous Gas Monitoring Hospital Applications Workplace Air Quality Monitoring Wastewater Treatment / Wet Well Industrial Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment / Utilities
AM-5175 X X X
AM-5150 X X X
GSM-60 X X X X X X X X
GS-24-DF X
GS-Venturi X
ISA-60M with MRI-5175 O2 Sensor/Transmitter X X X
Wet Well Monitoring System X X X X