Compressed Airline Monitors & Respiratory Air Monitors

ENMET has a complete line of Compressed Airline Monitors & Respiratory Air Monitors.  Furthermore it is for supplied breathing air, process air, and hospital compressed air.  Our continuous in-line carbon monoxide CO monitors and three-stage breathing air filtration panels are designed to meet OSHA 1910.134 requirements. Our advanced compressed airline monitors for breathing air systems can continuously and simultaneously monitor up to four gases in real-time. Options include monitoring for carbon monoxide CO, oxygen O2, carbon dioxide CO2, VOCs, trace hydrocarbons and dew point as well as a variety of other hazardous gases.

Product Compressed Air Monitoring Hazardous Gas Monitoring Hospital Applications Safety Compliance Industrial Oil, Gas and Refineries Aerospace and Defense Pharmaceutical
MedAir 2200 X X X X
ProAir 2200 X X X X X X X
AFS-50 X X X X X X
AFS-100 X X X X X X