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Compressed Airline Monitors/Respiratory Air Monitors

Compact air monitors and filtration systems that are easy to operate and check for a variety of gases.


Gas Sensor/Transmitters

Low-maintenance sensors that provide long-term stability, fast response and critical accuracy.


Fixed Systems/Stationary Monitors

Designed for remote mounting or as an integral component attached to the instrument that needs to be monitored.

GC – Gas Chromatographs

Environmental chemical monitors designed for detecting and measuring trace concentration levels to keep workers safe.

CP-10 5

Controllers with Audio/Visual Alarms

Designed for remote monitoring gas sensor/transmitters, providing audio/visual alarms, relays and other features.

Formaldemeter htV-m

Portable Gas Detectors

Portable handheld gas detectors designed for convenience and versatility. Easy to use and offer a range of capabilities.

Leading manufacturer of Hazardous Gas and Vapor Detection Systems.

We manufacture toxic, combustible and oxygen detectors, compressed breathing air monitors, portable and fixed multi-point systems for a wide range of hazardous gases. Hundreds of gases are monitored utilizing selected types of electrochemical, IR, PID, GC, MOS and other sensor technologies.


In addition to the wide array of equipment offered, we also provide expert technical assistance ranging from problem assessment and product selection to advice on equipment installation and training.


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